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About the Library

General Information

The Library provides access to materials and resources to assist Moore students in their academic studies and studio practice. The library also provides faculty with resources to enhance their teaching and scholarship.

The Library collects, preserves, and provides access to research materials in multiple formats. The collection is comprised of over 50,000 monographs, more than 100 current journal titles, and various multimedia materials. The Library subscribes to numerous databases and other electronic resources. These resources provide broad coverage of art history, theory, criticism and the practice of fine arts and design, art education and liberal arts.

Connelly Library staff is committed to setting a high standard for expanding core collections. The Library will continue to seek cooperative and partnership agreements in an effort to support the college's current and future curriculum needs.

Library Staff
Kimberly Lesley, Library Director 215-965-8582
Chuck Duquesne, AV Specialist 215-965-4060
Amanda Leftwich, Circulation Supervisor 215-965-4054
Elizabeth Becker, Senior Library Assistant 215-965-4054
Summer Hours
Monday-Thursday 8AM - 8PM
Friday 8AM - 5PM
Saturday 8:30AM - 4:30PM
Sunday Closed

Using the Library

Students Drawing

Library Policies and Forms


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Circulation Policies & Overdue Fees
Please Note: Patrons are responsible for all library materials and AV equipment
from the time of checkout until the time of return.
Material Checkout period Overdue Fee
Books Up to 20 books for 3 weeks $0.10 per day
Videos & DVDs Up to 5 videos for 7 days $1.00 per day
Course Reserves 2 hours, in-library use only $1.00 per hour
Picture File Up to 10 images for 3 weeks $0.10 per day
Digital Cameras/Tripods 24 hours $5.00 per hour
Laptops & Projectors 6 hours $5.00 per hour
For more AV equipment choices and fees, visit the AV Department page
Lost/Damaged replacement costs are subject to current market value.
To avoid fines, renew online with your My Library account, or call us: 215-965-4054
Food/Drink & Phone Policies
No Food by the computer NO food or drink
by the computer work stations.
Snacks in the library Beverages with lids and small snacks
are permitted in study areas.
Silence Cellphones Silence cell phones.
Please take conversations out in the lobby.
Please be Quiet Please be respectful.
The library is a place for quiet study.
Clean up Always clean up after yourself.

Library Map

Connelly Library is located on the first floor of Sarah Peter Hall
Library Map

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